Is Magic More Enjoyable for Children or Adults?

Frozen Birthday Cake

Frozen Birthday Cake

We all enjoy magic in one way or another, there’s no question about it. Whether it is a simple card trick or a disappearing act trick, we enjoy different types of tricks to different extents. On the other hand, we all like magic on a different level depending on the type of personality that we have. But regardless, we all enjoy it on our own level and that’s what’s important here. With that in mind we ask ourselves do children enjoy watching magic more than adults, or do adults enjoy watching magic more than children?

Why Do We Enjoy Magic?

Before we jump right into the nitty gritty of things, let’s get an insight to why we actually enjoy magic, and the answer is fairly simple. We like to be amazed. It’s human nature to enjoy the feeling of amazement, we can’t fight it and therefore we can’t fight the feelings that are brought on by magic tricks. The opening of an act, the build-up to the finish of the trick, the trick itself. All of it fills us up with adrenaline and once the trick has been pulled off by the magician, we explode with amazement. We get up out of our chairs, clapping and yelling “WHOO!” with the rest of the audience. Again, this is all human nature and it is completely natural that we all be amazed by the tricks that we see.

Children’s Magicians

Let’s start with the children side of things. Magicians are possibly the best type of entertainment to choose for your children’s party. This is due to how a lot of types of entertainment can be risky, without consulting your child first, while all children love magicians. Why risk fearing your child with a creepy crawly expert when you can ensure the safe middle ground of a magician?

Now, there are many different aspects of a children’s magic show. Puppet shows, face painting, pulling a rabbit out of what seems to be an empty hat, pulling endless handkerchiefs out of their sleeve, the list goes on. Not only does the magician perform their act, but they get involved with their child audience and include their own form of comedy into the act, getting the children even more buzzed about the act.

In that particular aspect of things, indeed children do enjoy magic more than adults. However, the contrary to this is the same.

Adults’ Magicians

When it comes to a magic show which is performed for adults, things are very different. Let’s take David Copperfield, by far the face of modern magic, for example. David’s performances are not targeted at either adults or children, but rather his audience. This allows for everyone to get an equal level of entertainment and enjoyment out of his show. But much like a children’s magician’s act, there are certain parts of his act that children viewers may not quite understand.

As mentioned before, a children’s magician includes a light sense of humour to make the children enjoy the show even more. Similarly, in an adult’s magician’s show they will make references and jokes that children viewers most likely won’t understand. So as you can see, the tables flip equally on this question.

It is clear that the question is very difficult to answer, however when it is brought down to it we can clearly see that adults enjoy magicians more than children. The reasoning behind this is that children catch on to the little tricks that magicians do to pull off their tricks, while adults miss those tiny things and therefore enjoy the trick even more. Furthermore, the humour that magicians add to their tricks really add to the enjoyment of the audience. It’s the little things that count.

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