Magic DVDs reviewed – Party-time 1,2 and others by Dave Allen

Party Time by magic Dave (Allen)

Party Time by magic Dave (Allen)

Dave’s next release was ‘Party Time with Magic Dave’ which follows in a similar format to before – giving us more of an insight into the intricacies of an actual party, from arriving at the show, setting up, talking with the mum, and then a number of terrific party games. Here Dave talks through several fun games which require little set up but boast lots of fun for the kids.

The second half of the show is then detailed with another silent puppet routine,  a couple of vent and non-vent puppet routines, a quirky add on called ‘the magic picking stick’ a clown costume routine which packs small and plays big and believe Dave has performed as part of some his competition entries. One of the highlights on this DVD was his use of the ever popular ‘Axtell Drawing Board’. Here Dave yet again demonstrates what a master ventriloquist he is with some extremely funny routine and scripting which even seasoned pro will glean some benefit out of.

Dave closes with some insightful final thoughts and then a detail of how quick his packing up is – which is so important if going from one party to another. Overall this is another terrific offering from magic Dave, and is rightly one of the leading kids magicians.

By now, Dave has well and truly established himself, not only as a fantastic kids magician but a producer of excellent kids magic dvds. This second offering ‘Partytime 2 with Magic Dave’ is another superb DVD.

Here, Dave again, details some fantastic party games and warm ups. Similar to the original party time, Dave follows this up with some great comedy magic which some fantastic ventriloquism including his signature, Daisy the Cow routine as well as an incredible chair levitation and assortment of other effects and another insight into Dave’s latest equipment that he uses. Here he goes through each is a warm way, not particularly promoting products but talking through what works for him.

Once again we see the breakdown time for his props and equipment to show just how quick he can get in and out of venues without mess and excessive time incurred.

Dave’s final DVD released in 2014 was his ‘Back to the future bookings’ DVD. Another absolute winner touching on the more business side of business including contracts, how to answer the phone, how to take deposits and how to manage inbound enquiries. Dave also discusses adding music to your show and tips on marketing and promotion which are all excellent thoughts and ideas.

The second disc also feature the very generous filming of Dave and Carls’ comedy magic show which has toured for the last 2 years at holiday parks and camps. A real great insight into the other work Dave gets involved in outside of his kids magic – again another great look into something, new, fresh, contemporary and exciting.

Of course I have not mentioned disk one of this excellent dvd. This showcases Dave once again at his best as one of the country’s leading children’s entertainers. This time Dave is performing in a theatre on a stage for a live family audience and again he doesn’t disappoint.  Here Dave showcases more of his excellent puppetry skills, magic, illusions, jokes gags and fun. He then goes onto to give a walkthrough of his fantastic equipment – this time it looks like no expense is spared and Dave is using everything at the top end of the market but is not just aesthetically beautiful but also superbly functional.

Another great DVD from magic Dave, and hopefully not the last one he puts together…..