What makes a great local kids’ magician?

Keep calm and party on!

Keep calm and party on!

One of the main things you must have as a children’s entertainer is a genuine love or thorough passion for performing for children. Nowadays there are so many pop-up yell.com ™ sites, of children’s entertainer are thinking they can piggy back on the back of professional children’s entertainers.

Some of these entertainers believe that, “I have kids, I know how to entertain kids; hang on I can make some money out of this!” Before you know it you have a plethora of 5 page websites designed by yell.com ™ offering the services of kids’ magicians. Do these entertainers like children? Yes they probably like their own kids, and enjoy playing around with their own kids’, but performing on a professional standard to children of all ages is a completely different ball game….

I often hear stories from mothers about kids’ magicians holding court with out of control kids, berating children, being crude or having the kids’ go berserk for 2 hours or spin plates for an equal length of time. This is probably because these entertainers want an easy ride on how to entertain kids’ and when the children get a little bit boisterous, they default to the ‘parenting mode’.

Unfortunately this gives other children entertainer’s a bad name as they are unfortunately pigeonholed into that same category. Some entertainer’s may go as far as to say – “Even if you don’t like kids’, you can fake it”.

I strongly disagree with this as some children have even better instincts than an animal. Try pretending you are not scared of a dog when you actually are petrified….the dog smells this fear. A child smells this same lack of authenticity and before you know it, you have 30 children out of control at a party parent’s have paid good money for. If the kids’ can sense the performer is not a natural with children then you can bet your bottom dollar, the parents can too!

So, how do you screen for this as a parent? How do you know if the entertainer likes children and loves performing for children? Unfortunately, it’s not easy.  The first point of call would be the website. A small, poorly maintained website with few photos is the first give away sign, and the most telling. Does the site ooze quality? Do they have a show-reel?

Then a phone call may cement your thoughts. Don’t be afraid to ask around. Has anyone heard of the local kids’ magician? Does anyone have any experience of his or hers’ parties? Do they have any testimonials on his site?

So, how do you define liking children?

  1. Does the performer have a sense of humour?
  2. Do they have the same, more or equal boisterous energy to the kids?
  3. Do they love the unpredictability of children?
  4. Can they control children without berating them?
  5. Can they improvise?
  6. Do they know what makes children laugh?

If you genuinely like children, kids’ will be endeared to you faster, and in turn the parents will. This means more repeat bookings and a more successful party! If you try and fake it, you won’t enjoy it, grow to hate performing and end up alienating parents from booking a children’s entertainer ever again….

Entertainers can ‘act’ to love performing to children. The kids’ will pick up on it, parent’s will pick up on it and is a key reason why some entertainer’s get more repeat bookings than others. These subtle and slight nuances make a huge and massively influential difference between a bad, good and great children’s entertainer.

Do I love performing children?

Check out my site www.williamthewizard.co.uk to see my show-reel or simply give me a call on 07934 856 696. The answer will be a massive, thumbs-up yes!!