Derren Bronw – Infamous – Stage show review

Derren Brown - Infamous stage show

Derren Brown – Infamous stage show

One of the most exciting live shows I saw this year was the extremely talented, charismatic and leading mind-readers in the world for my generation and that of course is Derren Brown. Back with a brand new stage show ‘Infamous’ and teaming back up with his original director and equally talented mind-reading superstar – Andy Nyman – this was Derren back to his best after a somewhat underwhelming ‘Svengali’ show the year before.

Showcasing not just his great effects and stories but his comedic with and sharp personality, again Derren gave a master class in audience participation, stage presence and exploring new concepts and ideas. Retaining some of the original concepts such as throwing out Frisbees into the audience to generate random participants, the show weaved and snaked its way through tricks, hypnosis, suggestion and psychological gambits and ploys and with Derren asking to keep the shows content a secret, I intend to do just that. All I would say, is that if you failed to go and watch it on stage, they is of course a second bit of the proverbial cherry to be made in the form of the one dimensional – DVD offering which admittedly omits some exciting parts of the show, but nonetheless, will hopefully encourage you not to miss out on some tickets next time, and combine it with a bit of pre-theatre food and drink.

Derren delves into people’s minds, no intrusively but with just enough showmanship and humour to leave you thinking he has but you have in fact just been entertained. As a showman myself I know that I left the show and audience, half relieved that I did not go up on stage in front of thousands of people and be used as a subject despite knowing I would be dealt with all of Derren’s delicate aplomb as a consummate stage performer but the other half feeling disappointed I had not been chosen to have shared the stage with the man himself. Nonetheless the overriding feeling of joy and pleasure of being part of a beautifully produced, directed and performed carried me home!

His next stage show – ‘Miracle’ has already been announced and dates and venues released. Be sure to check these out, get on board and book some tickets and take a leap into the unknown even if ‘magic’ or ‘Derren’ aren’t really your thing…….

I can understand some peoples’ reticence about seeing a live show and certainly not magic – I often get a raised eyebrow if I ask somebody if they want to see some magic almost as though in their mind they have just internalized the phrase ‘I know not a magician – I don’t want to made to look like a fool’. Sadly this is how some lesser or bad magicians are and perform. To get away from this – I would encourage you to take the plunge and watch a show which is performed by truly one of the worlds leading performers, in the hope that Derren’s abilities, skills and showmanship can help change people’s opinions of that old outdated, model of seedy magicians performing fumbled ‘trick’ tricks on you.