Highlights of 2014 – William the Wizard

Highlights of 2014 for William the Wizard

Highlights of 2014 for William the Wizard

Highlights of 2014

So we are well underway in 2015 but looking back on 2014 offered me a number of highlights.

In no particular order:



  1. One of my top highlights was being re-booked for a party where the little boy had already seen me 5 times before!! Yes, 5 times! To make matters worse, his Dad was/is the owner of a bowling alley and his plans of laying on a lavish bowling party was gazumped by William the Wizard! This was the second time he had booked me and sixth time he had seen me. Me and his friends still had tons of fun, got to see some new puppets and tricks and hopefully made his birthday as special as the last. (He is also the best mannered little boy I’ve ever met too and I’m not just saying that!)
  2. I had a couple of nice little moments throughout 2014 which were flattering including being called up from an agency asking me to perform in the Seychelles and another agency for a party in Africa. Sadly, I had already taken bookings for those dates and had to decline….
  3. One of the most exciting moments of the year was being invited to perform my unique brand of mind-reading on a local television station.
  4. This was followed up with a feature article in the local newspaper.
  5. In turn this was followed up with a 10 minute slot on BBC Radio Nottingham.
  6. Of course I have gotten to see many, new, different and exciting places in the UK and met some really fun parents and kids.
  7. Another highlight was performing at an exclusive trade show event for a private company and being invited to entertain at their corporate event too.
  8. 2014, also saw me meet one of the iconic characters in magic ‘David Blaine’ and another esteemed magician (and actor) and director of many of the Derren Brown shows – Andy Nyman.
  9. I also incorporated a few new routines into both my adult magic act as well as my kids magic act which have both gone down really well with kids and adults alike.
  10. I attended Trix in The Stix 2014 and got to watch some fantastic lectures and mingle with some fellow entertainers which was a real treat….
  11. Some of the cakes I saw in 2014 were of an unbelievably high standard…maybe better than 2013! Some people had gone to amazing efforts to deliver themed parties!

So what’s next for 2015. Well, I am developing new effects to include into my act as well as incorporating some new puppets and games into my act too. 2015 will also see an evolution of my adult magic too. I have launched a new adult magic website www.magicduncan.co.uk and have developed my close up act which I am now, extremely happy with. 2015 will see me rolling out my stage act and making adjustments and including a signature piece which is in development at the moment but will hopefully be a integral part of my cabaret and close up act in 2015.

To keep an eye on further developments of my kids or adult magic, please like my facebook page on www.facebook.com/kidspartymagician or www.facebook.com/magicduncan

To get in touch with me directly, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07934 856 696 or email me on magic@williamthewizard.co.uk.