How then do you screen for a good entertainer?

Choosing the best kids' magician

Choosing the best kids’ magician

The following questions should be posed to yourself…..

Do they have a website with depth which is geared towards children’s entertainment or are they a jack of all trades?

Do they have video clips of them in action?

Do they return your calls or emails in a timely manner? (this could set the tone for their punctuality)

Speak with them on the phone. Do they have a personality?

What is their background?

What skills and experience do they have?

What makes their party special? (A live rabbit production should not sway your mind – this is a small part of a 2 hour show. I don’t have one but would very cool to see in a show but if this is their main selling point…be careful)

How much space do they need?

Do they use fire, water or other potentially hazardous materials (for kids)

What values underpins their shows?

So how much does a good entertainer cost?

For most it boils down to price. BUT if you pay £100 for a TV and £1000 for a TV, which TV is likely to be better? The same can be said for a service, a holiday etc. However, if one TV is £100 and the other TV is £110 – how do you decide which TV you choose? This comes down to the features and value for money. Similar to choosing a children’s entertainer – this will be similar to the points mentioned above.

It’s always good to find out how the show is structured, what is included in the costs. You should also be aware that some entertainer’s like to charge extras for prizes, for petrol etc. Ensure their cost are transparent.

As a general rule, entertainers can set their fee based on their quality, how busy they are (often determined by recommendations)  and their reputation. Usually the best entertainers are booked up well in advance. If they are fight for a date and time because they will more than likely be worth it.

I can tell you this for fact as I am slowly doing up my house. All the quality tradesmen who have been recommended to me are generally working one month ahead of their bookings. Same for an entertainer. If they are good – their availability is probably scarce. I know of some entertainers who don’t even have a website as all of their work is based around recommendations.

My favourite adult magician is Michael Weber. It has published lots of work and is a huge contributor to the world of magic. Try as hard as you can to find a website or contact details for him – you can’t. He is a full-time professional. His work is purely based about the fantastic name he has created for himself!!

Always ask circles of mum’s for recommendations. If you can do even better and set the new standard – check for online testimonials as some parents will have widly different levels of standards – the same as the entertainer’s themselves.

Not everyone performs with puppets, with music, with games, with additional props etc. not everyone gives out prizes. Be wary of ego-massaging claims such as “the greatest”, “award-winning”, “best-price” – this occasionally relates to poor or low service, and delivering something a lot lower than claimed.

Great entertainers are real people who have a passion for what they do. People’s passion, of course is different but it will come across in the presentation of their offer. Call them, research them – they will no doubt work hard to accommodate you and be supportive of your needs.

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