Frozen party theme. Elsa at your children’s birthday party

William the Wizard - Frozen Parties without Elsa

William the Wizard – Frozen Parties without Elsa

So I’m a children’s entertainer and kids magician. I don’t wear a blonde wig and sing ‘Let it go…’ 6 times over the course of a party. My parties, do however, guarantee to deliver value for money stress-free kids parties full of laughter, giggles, interaction, fun and more….

Essentially 2 hours of pure entertainment variety and fun (with an Frozen theme if requested).

Sadly there is an ever increasing number of part-time children’s entertainers coming into the market delivering sub-standard parties to children and therefore tarnishing the name of those entertainers who deliver excellence in the field of children’s entertainment. I am not in a position name those who I have heard of who are bad and those who are good but a google search should make it apparent.

If it doesn’t, I would encourage you, wholeheartedly to question why somebody is charging £90 for 2 hours and another entertainer significantly more?

Are they less skilled? Will they be keeping the children entertained for 2 hours – or will it be you?

Sadly, in the competitive world that we live in, people believe that children’s entertainment is all the same thing. They then think they can save themselves some money by ‘bagging a bargain’. In reality this is virtually never true.

“I want a frozen party!” mums will hear the cry…..

The first idea would be to book ‘Elsa’. But who is Elsa, you have found online? What are their credentials? Do they have reviews, testimonials? Have they got a show-reel to prove they can sing or is it William the Wizard in his blond wig, miming to the words? ;-)

Serious consideration, I believe must be given to booking an Elsa for a frozen theme. Most parties are mixed boys and girls. I can 100% guarantee that boys as a general rule do not want to be singing along through the Frozen OST – and lets be honest – it’s really only ‘Let it Go’ that the kids want to be singing anyway. Where are the laughs, the giggles, the dancing?

Please do not misinterpret this. I am sure there are some superb Elsa’s out there, with real blond hair, not a poorly fitting wig, genuinely called Elsa, not actually called Donna, and with an extremely realistic Elsa outfit not from Toys R Us, however, there are also many who see singing a song at a party and charging £90 as nice easy way to get a bit of pocket money. Be careful. £90 is still a lot of money and as a professional entertainer, I would encourage you to get a shorter, more wholesome form of entertainment or a bigger birthday cake, than waste money on somebody who could potentially let your friends, family and child down, and make the party memorable for the wrong reasons.

I have also had Frozen mascot’s in my parties. To be honest I have never really understood the appeal. 30 minutes of dancing around and saying ‘Hello’ to the kids with a couple of photos at the end constitute a party. The smiles will be for the camera as opposed to the big bellied laughs and squeals of delight at watching a true professional entertainer work his magic….

For more information about my 2 hour party packages which include a mini-disco, lights, music (Frozen if you want it ;-) ) magic show, puppet show, dancing and games, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 07934 856 696 or email me on for more information.