CRB/DBS, Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments – Children’s entertainer

CRB/DBS, PLI and Risk Assessments for children's entertainers

CRB/DBS, PLI and Risk Assessments for children’s entertainers

So you’re a kids magician;  Do you have CRB/DBS, Public Liability Insurance and can you conduct risk assessments?

I get asked occasionally whether I have one, two or all of these… I’ve included this blog post here.

CRB/DBS – A couple of years ago the Criminal Records Bureau changed its names to the Disclosure Barring Service. A DBS check is usually reserved for people working with children, or others adopting a child. That said, I still get asked if I have a CRB / DBS certificate. For those teachers / carers working with children, a certificate such as this is usually reserved for people who will be working with children unaccompanied. This very rarely if never happens in my shows as the parents or host of the party is always present. For those who do have this certificate – these are usually only issued to people sponsored by a company. (Ie. An employer) Therefore entertainers holding this certificate more often than not, are part-time entertainers working in an industry which affords them the luxury of being sponsored.

If an entertainer or performer does hold a CRB/DBS certificate, I would encourage you to identify which version they have as well as its expiration date.

There are three types:

  1. Standard CRB/DBS check
  2. Enhanced CRB/DBS check
  3. Enhanced CRB/DBS check with list checks

So how do they differ?

The standard DBS check checks for spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings, and will take about 2 weeks. The enhanced DBS check, however, offers information as the standard checks plus any additional information held by the police that’s considered relevant to the person being applied for. The third option is with additional more detailed information to support the enhanced check.

If you were absolutely requiring a DBS check for the magician or entertainer, then I would encourage you to make sure they have the enhanced disclosure.


I am a proud member of equity. As part of my equity membership I have public liability insurance up to £10million. This covers me for accidents or claims against you for bodily injury and/or property damage to any person from my activities as a performing artist. That said, I still apply the safety precautions I would in any situation, in that when I enter people’s homes, I make every effort to be a respectful as possible.  I a hall I offer the same respect.

In my show I avoid using fire and other dangerous effects. This leads me on to risk assessments.

Risk assessments.

As part of controlling the risks at my show I must also manage the health and safety issues, and identify risks and make steps to avoid these risks, both to myself and to my audience.

A risk assessment, can of course involve paperwork and I have a form which I can complete and sign off when I arrive at a venue. That said, a risk assessment is less about ticking things off on a checklist and more about identifying sensible measures to control the risks at the venue and guests.

I can provide certificates of the above and also have Risk Assessment forms which I can work through at your venue to meet your health and safety requirements. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on 07934 856696 or email me on