Children’s entertainer and birthday party magician in Derbyshire.

Derbyshire magician - William the Wizard

Derbyshire magician – William the Wizard covers all of these areas and beyond!!

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in me as birthday party entertainer and magician in and around Derbyshire. There are lots of other entertainers out the so, I am really pleased you have chosen to click on my site – I hope you like the graphics, and logo etc. That’s me on the top of the page (with a hat – not a turban or full head of hair as it is mistaken for) Around me are some of the puppets I use in my act.

So let’s get into what I offer because I suppose that is the reason why you are here right?

I offer 2 types of show. Both are action packed with fun, laughter and entertainment. One is 2 hours and the other is 45 minutes long. The two hour party, is far and away my most popular as it is the most stress free option for mums (and the occasional dad).

The party kicks off with 45 minutes of really fun, non-elimination, ‘everyone involved’ action games and dancing, with music and lights. Then we have a short break for food and birthday cake, all finishing with the 45 minute magic and puppet show extravaganza with puppets, prizes, laughter, fun, magic and more…..

I have another page designated to me performing magic in the Derbyshire are and can be found by clicking the link below. Here you can find my show-reel and loads of other information about my act and what I offer.

So what is special about Derby? Let’s do some did you knows?

The League of Gentlemen’ TV show was filmed in the small village of Hadfield, close to Glossop in North Derbyshire.

Apparently Buxton is the highest town in England rising 1000 feet above sea level!!

Curley haired goal keeper – Peter Shilton, who used to play in goal for Derby County holds the record for the most England caps with 125 caps!!
Legend has it the world famous Bakewell tart was accidentally created by cook in the town’s local pub in 1820. The almonds, eggs and sugar which now form the custardy part above the jam was originally added by the landlady to enrich the pastry of a jam tart – instead it came out looking and tasting as it does today – the famous cherry Bakewell Tart.

So that’s a bit about me, about Derby and about – my alter ego, William the Wizard! To find out more, or for more details, please give me a call on 07934 856 696 or email me on and I’ll see how I can make your child’s birthday the best it possibly can be! I look forward to hearing from you,

Many thanks

Duncan (William the Wizard)