Christmas party magician and children’s entertainer – William the Wizard

Christmas party magician - William the Wizard is perfect for all Xmas and birthday parties.

Christmas party magician – William the Wizard is perfect for all Xmas and birthday parties.

So Christmas time is upon us once again (I’m writing this in December 2013) and this is the first year – I have been performing as William the Wizard. I love performing parties at Christmas because kids are not only looking forward to their own birthday and al the presents they get but the whole of Christmas and all the presents Santa brings.

As you probably know, at this time of year, they can get a little giddy – so why not book me as the Christmas entertainment to take the stress out of the party help channel all of this boundless energy into some amazing festive fun and magic.

You can tell just how excited they get, by trying a really cool psychological experiment with your kids too.


Ask them to draw a picture of Santa Claus and colour it in (they don’t have to colour it in but will keep them quiet for longer, especially if you are looking after them by yourself and want some well-deserved peace). Get them to do this every few days or weeks on the lead up to Christmas. The cool thing is, that these pictures will invariably get larger and larger the closer they get to Christmas.

My parties around this time are always extra fun as all the kids and parents are in really great mood and I sometimes perform at parties where Santa Claus himself even makes an appearance to say hello to the kids and hand out gifts or party bags or join in with the dancing. So whilst my shows have a real focus on fun and laughter I do inject an extra sparkle of festive cheer over the Christmas period.

Christmassy music, tinsel, Christmas style tricks, Santa hats and loads more all play parts in my Christmas party shows.

By the time you read this, Christmas may be over, or about to start. Either way, Christmas is the busiest time of year for a lot of Children’s entertainers because there are birthday parties, end of school parties, Christmas parties, parties for clubs, parties for cubs scouts and beavers, not to mention adult magic or family fun Christmas days.

Ideally if you are interested in any of the shows above, try and get in touch with me at least 2 months before the date you want your party. I do not increase my prices like some entertainers do over the Christmas period but do get booked up very quickly and far in advance so there is no reason to not give me a quick call.

My Christmas shows are suitable for all ages but also include ‘age-specific’ non elimination games and magic in them too. They are packed with comedy, fun, dancing, games, laughter, magic, puppetry and more. To make the shows even more festive, you could prepare some festive food – sausage rolls, pigs in blankets, turkey sandwiches and hang up some Christmas decorations…..

If you are interested in booking me for the Christmas period, please give me a call on 07934 856 696, email me on or simply fill out the contact form on my home page