Invitations and RSVP’s for a children’s party.

RSVP's and Invitation tips

RSVP’s and Invitation tips

More often than not I arrive at my parties a nearly 30 minutes before the start time of the party to get everything set up. I’m always good to go for the first guests arriving; music on, lights going, magic show prepared, backdrop up, etc  but where are the guests?

I don’t think I have ever been to a party where all the kids have been there on time. As a result, I always encourage mothers to invite children and their parents to be at the party at least 10-15 minutes before the start of the show. Surely if you have booked your entertainer and hall and paid good money you want him or her to perform for the full 2 hours and not be cut short due to late-comers not arriving or interrupting the party.


I always finish the gig before on time so I can get to my next gig in good time so the scope for staying on a bit at the end is very difficult. This sometimes means that part of the show has to be cut short which is a real shame as the show is really good fun and when I am booked time and time again, a lot of kids want certain things kept in it, sometimes wanting to see the whole show again, so if they didn’t see the full show in the first place they are missing out!!

This begs the question when to send the invites.

I always encourage mum’s to send them out at least 3-4 weeks before the party date. Also include a little note as to when you want to receive the RSVPs by so you can ensure you have the correct size hall, get enough provisions in such as food, party bags, cups and plates and more.

One of the main things to bear in mind is the holidays – notably the summer holidays. These are often flies in the proverbial party ointment and often some kids are going away so can’t attend so it’s best to get numbers up front through a bit of asking around before you set dates, hand out invitations, book halls, book entertainers etc.

There are many different kinds of invitations you can send out. I offer free invitations on my website which have really cool William the Wizard graphics on them and essentially say ‘You are invited to your son or daughter’s birthday party with William the Wizard and include your personal details and RSVP slip’.

But of course you don’t have to use mine.

You can make your own. It can in fact a really fun and personal thing to do with your child. You could use PVA glue, glitter, pens sticky eyes and all kinds of things. It will take longer but will be a really nice touch for the children to get involved in.

You can download your free invitations and posters off my website here: or here or if you wanted some other ideas for party invitations please drop me a call on 07934 856 696 or drop me an email on