A Synopsis of Children’s Entertainer Conferences and Conventions Around the World

Children's entertainer Derby

Children’s entertainer Derby

Children’s entertainer conferences can be extremely interesting to go to and check out. If there happens to be one near you, and you are looking to hire an entertainer for your child’s birthday party or such, then taking a few hours out of your day to wander around the convention and check out some of the entertainers that have shown up, you will be able to find the perfect entertainer for you. Perhaps you just want a day out of the house with your family, and after seeing a leaflet about the convention you thought it’d be a great day out for the family. Regardless of your reasoning for showing up at one of these conventions, they are definitely an interesting place to be. So without further ado, here are some of the best conferences and conventions that can be found scattered across the world.

The KIDabra Conference

The KIDabra conference is an international association of performers and entertainers who’s target audience is children. Previously known as “The International Festival of Children’s Magician’s”, the annual conference has brought many performers who share the same goal together. In their next conferences, they will be celebrating their 25th anniversary which shows just how long they have been around and the support that they’ve shown for their participants.

When we think of the word “conference”, having fun and enjoying ourselves are the last things that come to mind. However, when you check out the KIDabra Conference these are the only thing’s that will come to mind. Rather than a serious tone being set, the performers are given the opportunity to display parts of their act and show off to their crowds. Their conferences moves across different parts of the globe each year, so if this particular conferences catches your eye, be sure to keep an eye out in case its next stop is near you!

Kapital Kidvention

While this convention isn’t an international one, if you are in Virginia (if you’re living there or happen to be traveling there) then this is the chance for you to learn or even teach some entertainment traits. So what’s so special about this convention?

This convention is very different from others due to how the guests aren’t wandering around watching acts, but rather watching the entertainers teach them how to do certain aspects of their acts. If you are looking for a convention where you would be able to walk around and get an insight to each entertainers act and possibly enquire about hiring them, this may not be the right place for you (don’t be afraid to ask the entertainers though!). However, if you’re looking for a fantastic day out with the kids, they will love nothing more than learning how to make the perfect balloon animals or even learn how to become an entertainer themselves in the future.

As you can see, if you’re interested in the entertainment industry let alone children’s entertainment, there are a few different entertainer conferences and conventions around the world for you to check out and get some enjoyment out of if you’re near the vicinity. While there are a few different conferences, only the best of entertainers will be a part of them. This is due to how the entertainment industry is limited on the number of people who wish to be an entertainer, making it even harder to find the entertainer that YOU need. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a day out, or you’re interested in hiring an entertainer, there’s always an entertainer that will be able to satisfy your needs!

The most popular children’s entertainer conference in the UK is a convention called Trix in The Stix – Out of the 4 years it has been operating I have attended 3 times. Its a great convention and will write a review of the 2016 TRIX soon…..

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