Child Wrangler – Magician, balloon modelling, games.

Child wrangling helps the directors and photographers.

Child wrangling helps the directors and photographers.

Yes, it sounds like a made up word doesn’t it?

But it’s not – it is one of the other more bespoke services I offer as a children’s entertainer. So what is this funny phrase I hear you ask? Well a child wrangler works on the set of a movie, on a TV show, radio station, commercial, modelling shot, photo shoot or in fact any other place where children are working and need co-ordinating or managing outside of their paid role.

What I do, is keep their attention focussed and prevent them from getting bored over the course of the day or photo shoot or filming. As a specialist in children’s entertainment I can entertain the children by using my array of circus skills, magic, arts and crafts, mime, puppetry, balloon modelling, interactive games, drawing, board, or drama games, and more.

My entertainment for this kids is fresh, fun, exciting and most of all ‘age specific’. Often being thrust into different environments, I can flit between adult magic, to kids magic to a hybrid of the two and the same goes for my entertainment style.

But my form of child wrangling doesn’t stop there, it can extend to practicing lines with the children, working on facial expressions, pronunciation, actions, motions, poses, warm-up exercises and other activities directly related to the job they are about to undertake. Outside of this, I also spend the day chaperoning, taking them out for dinner, helping them cross the road, getting them drinks, and essentially making sure they don’t come into any problems before their moment on set or photo shoot.

My magic and entertainment brings out genuine laughter and smiles in the children so the day will be a success for the TV or camera crew. I am mindful of the atmosphere and working environment to ensure that the day still goes smoothly without an over the top magician screaming and entertaining in the background. I understand set etiquette and am able to entertain children so they don’t have the urge to walk through areas they shouldn’t be, or crying when the going gets tough. I keep the children motivated, enthused, upbeat and interest throughout what can often be a tiring and long day.

Essentially I help the director or 2nd or 3rd assistant keep a smooth running on-set and keep the set child-free before the director needs them and their talent they have been paid to produce. The kids I work with are happy, contented, quiet and entertained and I help them of set with, big natural smiles, puzzled looks, tearful eyes, or loving gazes; whichever one they are needed to reproduce on set. If there are no needs for re-takes, this keeps the budget down, kids happy and director or cameramen happy too!!

For more information about child wrangling or how I can help your director or camera man, please contact me on or call me on 07934 856 696 or better still like me on Facebook on to see the reviews of satisfied customers.