Magic DVDs for Children’s entertainer Reviewed – BISH BASH BOSH by Dave Allen

Bish Bash Bosh by Magic Dave (Allen)

Bish Bash Bosh by Magic Dave (Allen)

BISH BASH BOSH by Magic Dave

I first came across Magic Dave when he lectured at Nottingham Magicians Guild and was blown away by his enthusiasm and love of his craft. He pulled up in his now iconic lime green van and then gave a phenomenal lecture. His lecture is essentially a very similar offering to this DVD and includes some excellent material and workable effects.

Dave starts the DVD as though he is performing at a real party and gives the viewer a rundown of his equipment which has now been superseded as technology has advanced, but nonetheless provides a great insight into using music, speakers and other equipment to deliver professional and polished kids magic show.

Dave then walks the viewer through one of the most popular ‘party starting’ pieces – Off the meter by Axtell Impressions. To be this prop doesn’t warrant its high price but Dave demonstrates how it can be used with great success to get the little ones, fired up and ready to go with some comedy moments too.

As an accomplished Ventriloquist, Dave also demonstrated some wonderful puppetry including some silent puppet routines and some with speaking – both extremely funny for a magician, adult and most importantly – the children.  Ventriloquism is a real art in itself and it soon becomes apparent why Dave is such a popular choice for children’s birthday parties as it is not just his ability to entertain, but his ventriloquism is perfect to captivate.

With the aid of close-up shots, Dave also performs and discusses his handling of the popular kids’ effect – the Miser’s dream. He does the same with his handling of the ‘Mutilated Brolly’, and Nest of Wands and Magic Marksman.

Dave goes on to perform his final stage illusion – the magic carpet – an expensive prop but with a great pay off and a wonderful way to close a show in a magical way leaving the birthday child feeling that extra bit special. As with all larger props there are pros and cons and for this prop it is very big and expensive but the pay-off is high, so if you can warrant the expense, then this will certainly make the birthday child feel extra special….

Dave closes with some final thought and his enthusiasm and knowledge as a children’s entertainer really shines through…..

The bonus on this disk is Dave’s hilarious ‘Duck act’ which won him one of the most coveted children’s entertainer awards. Overall this is an excellent DVD by a genuinely nice guy, terrific entertainer and a natural kids’ magician. I would recommend getting in touch with Dave if you had any serious questions about the children’s entertainment world as he really is a consummate showman and a top guy too who I wouldn’t hesitate to book for a party I was hosting. If equally you belong to a magic club, his lecture to accompany this DVD is well worth it and gave a lot of time over for question and answers.

Equally so, if aspiring children’s entertainers in the Midlands wanted any help or advice, they should not hesitate to get in touch on or 0793485696.