Party Games for birthday parties.

Party games for birthday parties

Party games for birthday parties

Sometimes I am booked for a 45 minute magic and puppet show with the parent’s sometimes wanting to organise their own party games. This sometimes can be the most stressful part of the party for mums as this is when kids are most likely to cry, sulk, or throw a tantrum if they lose a game, don’t win a prize or miss their mum. The games I pay have been honed over years of performances, researching with fellow children’s entertainer and delving into old books and dvds to see which games work and which games don’t.

One of the key’s to playing successful and fun party games is ensuring they are all ‘age specific’. This means that for very little children you do not want to be playing overly complicated games, or with a lot of running around where they may bump into one another. Musical or action based games are always popular and can be played with all age groups. 4 years love and respond better to different types of party games to 10 year olds.

When I perform, I also like to put on a range of games rather than just 1 or 2 long games. It’s much better to cram in loads of games into the 45 minute mini-disco party game slot than stretch out 2 games. The reason? This is because kids have very short attention spans, which if you have read my previous blog entries, distractions such as talking parents or balloons on the floor help to fuel this.

The games I play and you should play if you are organising them yourself should always be tailored to the size of the room and keep the instructions simple. There is no pint doing plate spinning in someone’s house, as you are more than likely to damage something (or at least the kids might).

Games you want to play should all be non-elimination games. I’ll go into more detail about this in the second part of this post. You want all the kids to join in, and have no long faces.

Party Game Prizes

More often than not, in your traditional party games, prizes  are offered to the winners and the losers got nothing.  Uusally this will mean that the kids will get upset as mentioned before. Not only that but giving children small sweets to only then continue with the party game could result in a choking hazard, and an issue you could really do without.

My way and the most popular way of delivering games is by non-elimination party games.  You do not need prizes as praise will suffice, and before there are any bored or sad faces, you will be on to your next game. Of course all kids like prizes so wait until the end and reward all the kids with a prize or party bag or sticker or whatever it may be. Parties should be fun and following the fundamentals mentioned about should ensure they are.

In my second post I will detail some party games which can be adapted to be great non-elimination games.

If you wanted to find out more about party games or know more about the games I play in my parties, you are welcome to contact me on 07934 856  696 or message me on or simply fill out the contact form on my contact page