Birthday Party food for kids. Nottingham, Derby, Leicester

Healthy eating for children

This a great healthy eating guide!!!

When I perform my magic show – I am often booked for 2 hours, starting with a mini-disco which includes loads of fun and games and then breaking for food for 30 minutes and then finishing with the full magic and puppet show.

Throughout my many years of performing at kids’ parties, I have seen a whole range of food, cakes, drinks and all kinds of weird and wonderful refreshments. This blog post will be some of my musings, ideas and ‘food for thought’ pardon the pun for catering for your child’s birthday party.

There is one fact which is obvious throughout my shows – the more sugar laden cakes and squash pop and processed food a child consumes in the 30 minute break time, the more disruptive they are. Don’t mis-understand me, I am not saying that the little nippers  should never put a glass of coke to their lips or a sticky bun in their chompers, but I have seen some great parties with some great healthy food and snacks .

Book a great performer (me ;-) ), why not lay on some great food too?

Unfortunately, we are constrained by price. I know. Hall hire, entertainer costs, party bags, balloons etc etc – it soon adds up. Not only that, but generally the better quality the fast food, the more expensive. Right? Maybe. I have seen parties where the adults have been delving in and commenting on how great the food in just as much as how fun the show was and it hasn’t cost much more at all.

Let’s go from the top…..

Coke – best alternative lemonade or fruit juice

Sandwiches – Chuck some brown bread out there – you would be surprised how fast they are gobbled up

Crisps – Try low fat or air-filled crisps like Wotsits or skips

Cakes – Find some which aren’t smothered in icing sugar.

Burgers – Pay an extra £2 and get some good quality meat for the little ones.

Want to go mad – and chuck a curve ball out there? – I’ve see carrot sticks, grapes and apple chunks wolfed down by children (and they’re super cheap too!!) Not only that – but other mum’s and dad’s will be impressed too – after all this food is going in their children’s bellies too!!

“There is without doubt a direct correlation between how much sugary processed high fat foods that the children eat to how well behaved they are”.

Yes, a birthday is a great time / perfect opportunity for the kids to have fun – and fun they will have – this is one of my 6 guarantees if you book me. I guarantee they won’t have any less of a fun time if their food is more healthy. If anything they will have a better time as they will be less distracted by the other children who don’t handle their sugary foods so well.

I am a big believer in creating a ‘perfect party’. This goes all the way down to my ‘age-specific’ magic to my non-elimination games, to eliminating distractions in the room and other little techniques I use to ensure your child and their friends have the best party ever!

So, where do you get this food from?

Of course the standard place would be Tesco, Asda, Morrison’s etc and rightly so but in the world of ease, and efficiency, some mother’s do not want to be burdened by the responsibility of making birthday food.

So where do you go?


I have recently gained a  health and hygiene certificate – which gives me the opportunity to provide catering services to children’s birthday parties.

Don’t worry, I won’t be bringing  beef burgers to heat up or anything like that – my food is delicious, nutritious and very child-friendly. Not only that – but it is also self-contained – ie. All you need is access to some water to wash up at the end and to dilute some squash if that’s what you want.

If you are interested in me catering for your kid’s party – I need 2 weeks’ notice, together with the number of children, any allergies, or specific dietary requirements. Together after a 5 minute phone call I will have all the information to arrive on the day with the correct amount of food. I see time and time again huge masses of food being thrown away because parents have over catered. This is essentially money being tipped into the bin….

What about cakes? If you click on my facebook page, you will see some examples of fantastic cakes. If you are having a certain theme for your party, give me a call or message me via my contact form on my home page and I can put you in touch with some excellent cake bakers! When I say excellent – they come with my highest recommendation from years as a children’s entertainer!!

For all other info about party food please give me a call – 07934 856 696……