Birthday Party Etiquette part 1

Birthday party etiquette

Birthday party etiquette

From speaking to mums (and dad’s) organizing a birthday party for your child is becoming more and more of a must have and some parents end up going to 3 per day over the weekend. The amount of effort from the family, I feel sometimes goes Un-noticed and certainly unrecognized.

There is both a huge amount of planning, co-ordination, execution and expense that goes into organizing a child’s birthday party, and although I (as a professional children’s entertainer) attempt to make the actual day as stress-free as possible, the lead up to the party requires a lot of other factors to fall into place.

With most weekends dominated by attending children’s birthday parties, it is, therefore, no doubt that finding another invitation to a children’s birthday party a less than an endearing proposition.

That said, when I ask the organizer how many children who will be attending, there is often there is an answer of ‘I’m not sure’ with a frustrated sigh. Conversations with mum’s reveal that even though, physical invitations, texts and play ground invites have gone out there still remains a percentage of about 10-15% who can’t be bothered to get back in touch to either confirm or decline the invitation.

This, not only is rude, but has a massive impact on the party organizer – not knowing how many children that will attend will mean that they end up over catering on the off-chance that they may turn up. Over-ordering party bags or giveaways and generally create an extra expense, all brought about from a lack of consideration, and respect.

But of course, it’s not just frustrating for the parent if some children do not turn up – or turn up on the off chance that the siblings will or wont be there; but non-attendance can also have a negative impact on the birthday child – expecting them to be there – and having been excited for weeks for their best and close friends to help celebrate their birthday with them.

Perhaps this post has in-part been encouraged by the recent news story when British parent, Julie Lawrence invoiced Derek Nash to recoup costs after his son skipped her son’s birthday party. Whilst in itself, this may seem to be an over the top reaction – it is a very visible reaction as to how some parents feel.

In my time I have seen some heartbreaking parties. In one party a lady had invited over 50 kids, and provided food for that number if not more, as well as some phenomenal home made African stew for the adults. She had decorated the hall, booked me, booked a bouncy castle, sorted out the party bags and more. 7 children came!

Next post I will detail some ways and tips to avoid upsetting the party organizer / host, and detail some of my less than pleasurable experiences of being let down by the booker on a few occasions.

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