How Do You Know if You Are Booking the Best Form of Children’s Entertainment for Your Party?

My little pony cake

My little pony cake

Planning parties can be a difficult task. We all enjoy them, but until we’ve planned one we don’t fully understand the stress that comes with planning. Sorting out invitations. Sorting out the catering. Each section of planning comes with its own set of stress. One of these things are the entertainment. Entertainment, while a lot of people thing the contrary, is one of the hardest things to plan. There is lots of entertainment out there to choose from, it’s just a matter of whether or not you’re able to pick out the appropriate entertainment for your event. For example, hiring a clown for a corporate event would be something to pass on. So, how can you find out if you are booking the best form of children’s entertainment for your party?

Ask Your Child What They Want

When you’re planning a birthday party for your child, it’s important to know what they want. While what they want isn’t always affordable, if you ask for some of the ideas that they have had and give them some of the options (offering some sort of compromise), then you are able to get the entertainment that is right for them.

Keep in mind that while some parents like to “wing it” and choose the entertainment themselves, getting entertainment that is accepted by your child is very important to the enjoyment they get from the party. Don’t take the risk! Sit down with your child and ask what they want out of the party.

Define the Party

Before you take a look at the entertainment options that are available, define what your party is. Is it a party for a boy or a girl? Are they a child or a teenager? What are they interested in? Think about these things before you go off hunting for entertainment. For example, a teenage girl would have no interest and would frankly be embarrassed if you were to hire a creepy crawly exhibitionist for her party! Define what kind of party you are going to have, the theme that you are going to go with, and go from there to choose the entertainment that’s right for you.


The costs of entertainment are the last thing that you want to hear about, and we don’t enjoy bringing this point up. But it’s important. When it comes to children’s entertainment, don’t go all out and spend hundreds and hundreds on entertainment. Look for a reasonably priced entertainment who is equally as entertaining as his price tag is pleasing. Children don’t expect any complex entertainers who hypnotise them or play mind tricks on them, they expect simple magic and simple entertainment. Don’t cross the line, your child won’t enjoy it as much as you might think.

Appropriate Entertainment

It’s important that you choose an appropriate entertainer. What do I mean by this? Depending on the age range of the party, the entertainment differs. For example, as you take the step from planning a child’s party to a teenager’s party, you may make some riskier decisions, one of these decisions being the entertainment. Perhaps, rather than sticking with simple entertainment, you choose to hire a comedian. It’s important that you read into the comedian and hear what their customers have to say about them, and most importantly, find out if the comedy that they are conveying is appropriate for the specific age group.

As you can see, there are a few different things’ to look out for when you are booking entertainment, although above all it’s important that you’re satisfied with the entertainment. If you are uncomfortable with what your child wants, it’s completely alright for you to speak up and voice your opinion. They’ll understand, and you can discuss further entertainment options.

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