Alternative Birthday party games ideas.

A Pinata is a party game with a difference but has some risks.

A Pinata is a party game with a difference but has some risks.

I have detailed a few party game suggestions below do help you decide what to play if you only wanted to book a 45 minute party package and look after the party games yourself. Be careful though, sometimes party games can be the most stressful part of the party if they’re not handled correctly.

Grandma’s’ footsteps.

The performer faces one way against one wall with their eyes closed and all the kids stand on the back wall behind the performer. When the music starts playing and the performer starts counting, the kids walk slowly behind the performer. At any point the performer could turn round. If they turn round and see someone moving then this person has to go to the back wall and start again. The first person to touch the performer on the shoulder without them seeing them move is the winner and becomes the performer.

Follow the leader.

This game does what is says on the tin. You have to follow the leader in time to the music, hopping, crawling, skipping, clapping etc.

Balloon Pass

Inflate a balloon and all the kids get on their knees and have to pass the balloon down the line. This can be a team game to see who can do it the first and fastest without dropping it.

Pin the tail on the Donkey

No explanation necessary


This has many negatives but is still a popular option. Things to consider before hoisting up a piñata is:

  1. They are often difficult to smash
  2. You often have to provide your own sweets
  3. Six year olds wielding batons around can be dangerous
  4. The mad scramble at the end for the sweets can be dangerous (prepare a mat)
  5. You will need some helpers to assist controlling the kids.

Musical Statues

A classic British game. Everyone has a good dance and when the music stops you stop too. Anyone still dancing comes to the front to dance with the perfomer.

Simon Says

You can do anything here “Simon says clap your hands”. You make this more interested of course by rubbing your head when you say “Simon says clap your hands” They have to do what you say not do what you do.#

Pass the Parcel

This is a classic drawn out elimination game which I never play in my shows. If I had to, I’d mix it up by perhaps doing two small groups instead of one massive group and have mini prizes after each tear of the paper. That way everyone gets a prize and there are no long faces!


There are many different variations to this game but essentially you put 4 pictures of animals, or TVs in 4 corners around the hall. The kids then choose a corner and you choose the randomly selected tv soundtrack or animal noises. Whichever children are in that particular corner are the winners.

There are many more party games which you can adapt to be non-elimination games and most of these will be revealed with a basic Google search.

Don’t forget; you don’t have to give out prizes, sometimes praise will suffice as long as the kids are having fun – and with the games mentioned above, I’m sure they will.

I play different games to these and occasionally the same ones, but if you wanted any more suggestions or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me on or to see some of my games in action please check out my video on