William the Wizard – adult magician and kids magician

Some people also know me as a professional adult magician. I occasionally get the chance to entertain the mums’ (and dad’s) before or after the children’s parties. I started out performing adult magic from an early age but around 2003 became disillusioned with the world of magic and the sheer number of products being brought out the un-inspiring patter and left the world of magic for a year to travel the world. One year later I decided to settle in japan. It was here that after meeting several other magicians including Andrew Goldenhersh – a man renowned for some of the most iconic magic effects in the world, my love for magic became rekindled.

Spending a year performing magic in some bars, clubs and private parties around Japan and holding a residency at an international bar afforded me the opportunity to rekindle my love of magic.

In fact my show-reel was part shot during that time in Japan; You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dshjB6M668E

Returning to England I pursued my love of magic and having taught children in Japan alongside performing magic, I also performed magic at a number of children’s English parties and schools. It was therefore a natural progression after returning home to build an act to perform for UK children. That I did.

I built a website which included, children’s entertainment, adult magic, trade shows, tarot reading (as an entertainment art), and all manner of magical offshoots. Due to a love of performing and wanting to be 100% unique and original and therefore devoid of imitating others I set about creating a new show, new act, new character and new website. Thus in 2013, William the Wizard was born and to support this new character – new website. www.williamthewizard.co.uk

My goal was simple, to focus on delivering value for money, stress free children’s entertainment full of fun, laughter and memories.

I was still getting adult magic bookings, and my act here took a few exciting twists. I developed a comedy stage show and a mind reading show but of which starting playing to audiences in theatres and private events venues. My adult magic was evolving too….moving away from classic magic and into a more unique realm of mind-reading, which had always been a huge passion of mine. Again, wanting to rebrand and offer a new, fresh, unique, contemporary look I rebranded my adult magic website. What you see now is 12 months and a real labour of love. www.magicduncan.co.uk

I worked with a number of fantastic people including a photographer, video editor, music artist, web coder (I designed it), logo designer and a number of other people contributing their skills and abilities into producing what you see today.

The new site has lost its outdated feel and offers a more contemporary look – with a focus on the adult magic and mind reading for weddings, parties and events.

My act, too is in constant refinement and evolution and these forthcoming years look extremely exciting with some exciting new projects I’ll be working on and perhaps another change in direction in performance art. Watch this space.

To find out more about booking me as a wedding magician and mind reader, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 07934 856 696 or email me on magic@magicduncan.co.uk